Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Peppers

Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers Recipe

Need a new game-day snack? I am in love with bacon-wrapped Jalapeno poppers! There is a crunchy salty outer shell. And, inside is a soft, spicy jalapeno stuffed with cayenne cream cheese. I don’t know about you but my mouth is already watering! How Spicy are these Poppers? Cayenne Pepper is made from smoke-dried Jalapenos. … Read more

Sweet-Spicy Brussel Sprouts and Squash

Spicy Brussel Sprouts & Squash Recipe

I started creating this dish as a holiday side dish. In the beginning, my family was apprehensive, Brussel Sprouts, squash, and syrup on top? And then Habanero flakes on top? The flavor combo of the spicy peppers and the sweet maple syrup were delicious! By roasting the veggies they had a nice crunchy outside but … Read more