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  • How Hot Peppers are Used in Different Cuisine

    How Hot Peppers Are Used in Different Cuisines

    Table of Contents Indian FoodMexican FoodKorean FoodSouthern Italian and Sicilian FoodJapanese FoodEthiopian FoodChinese FoodPeruvian FoodMake Your Signature Dish Even Better with Hot PeppersSonoran Spice Whole PeppersReferences Hot peppers help add a kick of flavor to otherwise bland dishes. You can add hot peppers to pretty much any food you want, but some cuisines take advantage … Read more

  • The History of Hot Sauce

    The History of Hot Sauce

    Table of Contents Table of contentsThe First Hot SauceTraveling around the WorldGoing CommercialHow It’s MadeHow the Heat is addedThe Evolution of Hot SauceTreat Your Need for Heat with Hot Sauces from Around the World!Sonoran Spice Hot Sauces ReferencesRelated Guides & Recipes Sriracha. Tabasco. Valentina. Tapatío. If you’re someone who can’t get enough spicy food, you … Read more

  • Pepper Guide: Chocolate Bhutlah

    Chocolate Bhutlah Guide

    Table of Contents The Heat Behind the PepperCharacteristics Origins How to Recognize the Choclate BhutlahDifferent Variations Cooking with the Chocolate BhutlahHow Eating Chocolate Bhutlah Can Impact Your HealthGet Ahead of the Trend Chocolate Bhutlah Google Trends Related Guides and Recipes Have you tried the Chocolate Bhutlah yet? It’s one of the latest peppers to draw … Read more

  • Growing Your Own Chili Peppers

    Growing your own chili peppers book cover

    Table of Contents What You’ll Need and How to be Fully PreparedTime to SowKeeping the Right EnvironmentTransferring Your SeedlingsAll Grown UpStoring Your Peppers If you think you’re ready to take on the challenge of growing your own chili peppers, then wait no more! Today we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about … Read more

  • Top 10 Spicy Recipes for Game Day

    Ghost Pepper Chicken Tenders - Sonoran Spice

    Table of Contents Loaded Potato Skins with Cayenne PepperChipotle Chili Queso DipTexas Toast Pizzas With Sonoran Spice Habanero FlakesSpicy Tenders With Sonoran Spice Ghost Pepper FlakesTurmeric Hummus or Mediterranean HummusCarolina Reaper Baked Chicken WingsHabanero Spiced Grilled EloteJalapeno Popper Mac N CheeseOur Spices Used In These Recipes If it’s your turn to host the big game … Read more

  • Tips for Reducing Hot Pepper Burn

    Reducing Hot Pepper Burn: The Complete Guide

    Table of Contents How to Stop Hot Pepper Burn in Your MouthSkip the WaterDrink Some MilkTry Fatty OilsTry a Spoonful of SugarHow to Avoid Hot Pepper Burn on Your HandsHow to Stop the Hot Pepper Burn on Your SkinHow to Stop the Hot Pepper Burn in Your EyesThe Popularity of Hot Pepper Burn Over TimeSonoran … Read more

  • How Do You Test Peppers for Scoville Units?

    How to Have Your Hot Peppers or Hot Sauce Tested for a Scoville Rating

    Table of Contents Find a Scoville Testing LabTransport Your PeppersFollow Guinness World Records’ GuidelinesWaiting for Your AnswerReferencesThe Popularity of Scoville Testing Over Time The dream for many hot pepper growers is to end up on the World’s Hottest Peppers List. But how will you ever know if you have a winner on your hands if … Read more

  • The Complete Guide to the Cayenne Pepper

    The complate guide to the Cayenne Pepper

    Table of Contents The Origins of the Cayenne PepperFlavor ProfileAppearanceBenefits of the Cayenne PepperRich in Vitamins and MineralsWeight Loss AidClear, Soft SkinCooking with CayenneIncorporating the Cayenne SpiceAdding Some Heat to All Your Favorites Elevating Dishes of Every CuisineSonoran Spice Cayenne Pepper Products The Popularity of Cayenne Peppers Over Time via Google Search References If you … Read more

  • What Are Bird’s Eye Chili Peppers?

    Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about the Bird’s Eye Chili Pepper

    Bird’s Eye Pepper Guide, everything you ever wanted to know about the peppers, where they are grown, how to grow and cook with them and more.

  • The Complete Guide to Turmeric

    Turmeric The Complete Guide

    Table of Contents Flavor ProfileWhere is it Found?Turmeric’s OriginsCooking with TurmericHow to Use RawTurmeric Health BenefitsOther Ways to UseThe Popularity of Turmeric Over TimeSimilar GuidesSonoran Spice Turmeric PowderReferences Of the many spices you can cook with, turmeric just might be the prettiest. Its vibrant yellow color is hard to miss. It colors every meal you … Read more

  • The Jalapeño: A Guide to the Classic Hot Pepper

    The Jalapeño: A Guide to the Classic Hot Pepper

    Table of Contents What they Look LikeAll the VarietiesHistory of this Pepper Growing these Peppers Picking the Perfect PepperRecipes Jalapeño Heat Health Benefits The Popularity of this Peppers Over Time How to Pickle Peppers10 Ways to Use a Huge Pepper HarvestRelated GuidesShop Sonoran Spice Jalapeno Pepper ProductsReferences The jalapeño is the king among hot peppers. … Read more

  • The Complete Guide to Saffron

    The Complete Guide to Saffron

    Table of Contents What is Saffron?Flavor ProfileGrowing Instructions The History Early UsesHow to Cook it?Tips for Cooking Proper StorageHealth BenefitsInterest in Saffron Over Time via Google TrendsSonoran Spice SaffronSimilar Sonoran Spice GuidesReferencesRelated Guides & Recipes Without a doubt, the world’s most luxurious spice is saffron. In this guide, we will explore where it originates from, … Read more

  • What Are Trinidad Scorpion Peppers?

    The Complete Guide to the Trinidad Scorpion Pepper

    Table of Contents Trinidad Scorpion versus Carolina Reaper The Scoville Heat ScaleThe Trinidad Scorpion at a GlanceCooking with the Trinidad ScorpionHealth Benefits of the Trinidad ScorpionHow Trinidad Scorpions GrowInterest in Trinidad Scorpion Peppers Over Time per GoogleRelated Product Guides & RecipesSonoran Spice Trinidad Moruga Scorpion ProductsReferences The Trinidad Moruga Scorpion is listed in second place … Read more

  • What is the Scoville Scale?

    The Complete Guide to Understanding the Scoville Scale

    The Scoville Scale was invented in 1912 by Wilber Scoville. It is used to measure the pungency of peppers. It is a dilution scale.

  • What Are Carolina Reaper Peppers?

    Carolina Reaper: The Ultimate Guide to the Worlds Hottest Pepper

    Table of Contents Carolina Reaper Characteristics How to Use a Carolina ReaperCarolina Reaper OriginsDispelling Myths About the World’s Hottest PepperCarolina Reaper AppearanceGrowing InstructionsPicking InstructionsCarolina Reaper Popularity 2014-2020 per Google TrendsRelated RecipesSonoran Spice Carolina Reaper ProductsMore Guides & Recipes References If you’re looking for a hot pepper, you won’t find anything more extreme than the Carolina … Read more

  • The Habanero: Breaking Down the Popular Pepper

    Habanero Pepper Wiki

    The ultimate Guide to Habanero Peppers. Learn what they look and taste likem how to grow them, their popularity over time, how habanero peppers rate on the Scoville Heat Scale and much more.

  • What are Ghost Peppers? How Hot Are They?

    Ghost Pepper The Complete Guide

    The ghost pepper (also known as bhut jolokia) is a super-spicy pepper that originated in India. Although this pepper has been around for centuries, the western world was first introduced to the ghost pepper in 2000. At first, this pepper tastes smoky, almost sweet. But wait thirty or forty seconds—the intense heat sneaks up on you like a ghost.

  • What are Serrano Peppers?

    What Are Serrano Peppers?

    Table of Contents The Origins of the SerranoGrowing Serrano PeppersStoring Serrano PeppersEating and Cooking Your SerranosHealth Benefits of Serrano PeppersDiscover the Serrano PepperRelated Guides & RecipesSonoran Spice Serrano Products The serrano is one of the most iconic chili peppers. You’ll recognize these peppers because they are typically between one and four inches long and about … Read more

  • Rocoto Peppers – The Complete Guide

    Rocoto Pepper the Complete Guide

    Table of Contents The Pepper at a GlancePepper OriginsEating and CookingExperience them for Yourself!Related Guides If you see a Rocoto pepper, you might think it’s an ordinary bell pepper although a little smaller in size. But be careful: these are not for the faint of heart. They are much hotter than a mild, sweet bell … Read more

  • Tasty Deviled Eggs Recipe

    Deviled Eggs with Cayenne Powder

    At my house, deviled eggs are a must-have staple for every event. The finger food everyone loves to grab if they disappear a riot might start. Over the years I have tried multiple different recipes. I think this spicy recipe is going to be a hit, I love it! Eggs are very versatile, they can … Read more