Hatch Green Chile Guide Book

The Ultimate Hatch Green Chile Pepper Guide

Hatch green chile peppers are a type of chili pepper that is native to the Hatch/Mesilla Valley in New Mexico and is known for its unique flavor and heat. These peppers are grown in the fertile soil and ideal climate of the Hatch Valley from July to September and are then harvested and roasted to … Read more

Aji Limo Pepper Guide Book

Aji Limo Peppers – A Tasty Peruvian Pepper

Aji Limo peppers are a type of chili pepper native to the Andes region of South America. They are an integral part of Peruvian cuisine and are used in a variety of dishes including ceviche, lomo saltado, and papa a la huancaína. Aji Limo peppers are small and round, typically about the size of a … Read more

Aji Amarillo Pepper Guide Book

Aji Amarillo Pepper Guide

Aji Amarillo peppers are a type of chili pepper that is commonly used in Peruvian cuisine. They are known for their bright orange color and their unique, fruity flavor. In this article, we will explore the history, cultivation, and uses of Aji Amarillo peppers, as well as some tips for incorporating them into your cooking. … Read more

Wiri Wiri Guide

All You Need to Know About Wiri Wiri Peppers

Guyana, the South American country bordered by Venezuela, Brazil, and Suriname, is a place of great diversity, and that includes its cuisine. BBQs, stews, hot sauces, and soups are popular dishes in Guyana, and they all have one thing in common: the Wiri Wiri pepper. The Wiri Wiri pepper is a small, red chili pepper … Read more

A Comprehensive Guide to Pequin Peppers

A Comprehensive Guide to Pequin Peppers

Pequin peppers (pronounced “pee/puh-KEEN”) are small, fiery chili peppers that pack a serious punch. A member of the capsicum annuum family, pequin peppers are closely related to jalapeños and serrano peppers, but these little peppers will make your eyes water and your nose run like a little girl who just realized her Barbie doll’s head … Read more

15 Grilling and BBQ Blogs and Influencers to Follow

15 Grilling & BBQ Blogs to Follow

With grilling season in full swing, we are always on the lookout for new and exciting BBQ and grilling recipes and techniques to pair with our seasonings and extreme hot sauces. The following 15 BBQ blogs and grilling influencers will keep you busy with your grill all summer long. 1. Blog Name: Grill This Smoke … Read more

15 Hot Chili Food & Travel Blogs to Follow

15 Hot Chili Food and Travel Blogs To Follow

If you like your food hot and spicy no doubt you are always looking to try out new recipes or visit new restaurants that are ready to tingle your tastebuds. These 15 food bloggers will keep you up to date with the best hot chili recipes or the best places to eat if you like … Read more

How Hot Peppers Are Used in Different Cuisines

How Hot Peppers are Used in Different Cuisine

Hot peppers help add a kick of flavor to otherwise bland dishes. You can add hot peppers to pretty much any food you want, but some cuisines take advantage of hot peppers a lot more than others. If you love spicy food, take a look at these cuisines from around the world and how they … Read more

The History of Hot Sauce

The History of Hot Sauce

Sriracha. Tabasco. Valentina. Tapatío. If you’re someone who can’t get enough spicy food, you probably recognize these as some of the world’s most popular hot sauces. Hot sauce is an essential condiment in every chilihead’s fridge. Here’s a little history lesson on how hot sauce was first created and how it’s changed over the years! … Read more

Chocolate Bhutlah Guide

Pepper Guide: Chocolate Bhutlah

Have you tried the Chocolate Bhutlah yet? It’s one of the latest peppers to draw attention due to its extreme heat! With its intriguing name and its super-high Scoville rating, it’s quickly gaining a reputation. If you’re curious to learn more about this chili, keep reading! The Heat Behind the Pepper The Chocolate Bhutlah is … Read more

Growing your own chili peppers book cover

Growing Your Own Chili Peppers

If you think you’re ready to take on the challenge of growing your own chili peppers, then wait no more! Today we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about how to plant chili seeds and some things to look out for in the process. Keep in mind that growing your own chili … Read more

Ghost Pepper Chicken Tenders - Sonoran Spice

Top 10 Spicy Recipes for Game Day

If it’s your turn to host the big game this year, your job just got a whole lot easier. These delicious recipes are perfect for anybody throwing a party and feeding guests. Say goodbye to spending all day in the kitchen! Finally, you’ll be able to enjoy the game with your friends and family. Loaded … Read more

Reducing Hot Pepper Burn: The Complete Guide

Tips for Reducing Hot Pepper Burn

For hot chili junkies, the burn is one of the attractive things about the peppers. But if the burn ends up being too much for you, there are ways you can find relief. If you’re about to eat or cook a meal with hot peppers, here are some helpful methods to ease the burn in … Read more

How to Have Your Hot Peppers or Hot Sauce Tested for a Scoville Rating

How Do You Test Peppers for Scoville Units?

The dream for many hot pepper growers is to end up on the World’s Hottest Peppers List. But how will you ever know if you have a winner on your hands if you can’t get it tested for a Scoville heat rating? Here is a guide to help you get your own chili or hot … Read more

The complate guide to the Cayenne Pepper

The Complete Guide to the Cayenne Pepper

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you’re probably familiar with cayenne pepper. But have you ever tried the pepper from which this spice originates? The real thing is even better than the spice! This pepper is a beloved variety of the Capsicum annum plant. You probably are very familiar with this … Read more

The Jalapeño: A Guide to the Classic Hot Pepper

The Jalapeño: A Guide to the Classic Hot Pepper

The jalapeño is the king among hot peppers. It’s not the spiciest, but it’s definitely the most popular. You won’t find a hot pepper that’s in more recipes or grocery stores around the world. How did this pepper become such a staple? If you want to find out, keep reading! What they Look Like We … Read more

The Complete Guide to the Trinidad Scorpion Pepper

What Are Trinidad Scorpion Peppers?

The Trinidad Moruga Scorpion is listed in second place as the World’s Hottest Pepper. It resembles the habanero and the Scotch Bonnet—but the Trinidad Scorpion has both of these peppers beat with its extreme heat! The Trinidad Scorpion is a variety of the Capsicum chinense species. Trinidad Scorpion versus Carolina Reaper These two are neck … Read more

The Complete Guide to Understanding the Scoville Scale

What is the Scoville Scale?

The Scoville Scale was invented in 1912 by Wilber Scoville. It is used to measure the pungency of peppers. It is a dilution scale.

Carolina Reaper: The Ultimate Guide to the Worlds Hottest Pepper

What Are Carolina Reaper Peppers?

If you’re looking for a hot pepper, you won’t find anything more extreme than the Carolina Reaper. This chili was first awarded the prestigious title of “World’s Hottest Pepper” in 2013. To this day, it still holds the Guinness world record for the hottest chili pepper in the world. Since 2017 the Carolina Reaper has … Read more

Habanero Pepper Wiki

The Habanero: Breaking Down the Popular Pepper

The ultimate Guide to Habanero Peppers. Learn what they look and taste likem how to grow them, their popularity over time, how habanero peppers rate on the Scoville Heat Scale and much more.

Ghost Pepper The Complete Guide

What are Ghost Peppers? How Hot Are They?

The ghost pepper (also known as bhut jolokia) is a super-spicy pepper that originated in India. Although this pepper has been around for centuries, the western world was first introduced to the ghost pepper in 2000. At first, this pepper tastes smoky, almost sweet. But wait thirty or forty seconds—the intense heat sneaks up on you like a ghost.

What Are Serrano Peppers?

What are Serrano Peppers?

The serrano is one of the most iconic chili peppers. You’ll recognize these peppers because they are typically between one and four inches long and about half an inch wide, shaped like a small torpedo. At first glance, you might think a serrano is a jalapeño, but these peppers are typically smaller. The most common … Read more

Rocoto Pepper the Complete Guide

Rocoto Peppers – The Complete Guide

If you see a Rocoto pepper, you might think it’s an ordinary bell pepper although a little smaller in size. But be careful: these are not for the faint of heart. They are much hotter than a mild, sweet bell pepper! Here’s what you need to know about this delicious but little-known hot pepper. The … Read more

Deviled Eggs with Cayenne Powder

Tasty Deviled Eggs Recipe

At my house, deviled eggs are a must-have staple for every event. The finger food everyone loves to grab if they disappear a riot might start. Over the years I have tried multiple different recipes. I think this spicy recipe is going to be a hit, I love it! Eggs are very versatile, they can … Read more

Baba Ganoush Bird's Eye ChiliSandwich

Baba Ganoush Sandwich Recipe

This sandwich is finger-licking good! The main character inside is the baba ganoush. That’s a typical Arabic dish that consists of cooked aubergines (eggplant) mixed with tahini and some seasonings. It’s going to knock your socks off! I grilled my aubergines (eggplant) and then I blended them with tahini, olive oil, garlic, parsley, oregano, lemon … Read more

Mango Ghost Pepper Salsa

Mango Ghost Pepper Salsa Recipe

I love dips.. ranch dips, queso, and salsa! Freshly chopped produce, spice, and crunchy tortilla chips make for a quick snack or a great addition to any meal. Our mango salsa is a whole new level of hot with the added Ghost Pepper. The great thing about this recipe is you can control the level … Read more